Southern African Society for Trenchless Technology
Code of conduct.

Within the context of trenchless technology (TT), members of the Southern African Society for Trenchless Technology (SASTT) arrange their professional and business affairs in accordance with the objectives of the mission statement of SASTT, viz:

The Southern African Society for Trenchless Technology is aware of the necessity for
maintaining a healthy environment and addressing the changing needs of the community.

Our mission is to promote, from an ethical and neutral base, the use of TT for providing and maintaining underground services with a minimum of surface and environmental disruption.
This we do by:

  • making press releases
  • arranging promotional activities
  • advising on available solutions
  • providing technical literature supporting research for the benefit of
    • the public
    • authorities
    • designers and specifiers
    • suppliers of materials and equipment
    • contractors installing and maintaining services.

To this end, the members of SASTT will, inter alia, conduct their business with respect to TT in such a way that:

  • they practice occupational safety in accordance with legislation and regulations
  • they protect life on earth as well as the environment in a sustainable manner
  • they arrange their work in accordance with appropriate standards or best practice
  • they work to a system of quality management
  • they re-use or recycle physical resources if possible and dispose of waste in an
    environmentally sound manner
  • they seek cost-effective solutions for the benefit of their clients
  • they do not get involved in conflicts of interest
  • they do not accept sub-contracted work without the knowledge of the client
  • in accordance with their capabilities, they strive to improve their own knowledge and skill in engineering technology, and TT in particular
  • they enhance the understanding of TT among their clients and their peers
  • only professional persons (ie persons on a par with PrEng or PrTechEng) draw up trenchless-technology specifications and such specifications are only made available to other registered professional persons unless they are published under the auspices of SASTT
  • they apply independent and impartial judgment at all times
  • if an allegation is made to SASTT regarding a breach of this code of conduct, the alleged offending member shall consent to an investigation of such allegation in a manner to be decided by the board of SASTT and shall give his full co-operation. However, any censure on errant members shall be left to authorities such as the Engineering Council of South Africa, Agrément South Africa and the SABS
  • unprofessional or dishonest conduct is reported via the appropriate channels
  • SASTT or its members are not brought into disrepute.
  • They promote registration of their employees, who are eligible to do so, with the Engineering Council of South Africa (ECSA)

Date of last revision: 01 June 2018

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