Our Mission

“The Southern African Society for Trenchless Technology is aware of the necessity for maintaining a healthy environment and addressing the changing needs of the community. Our mission is to promote, from an ethical and neutral base, the use of TT for providing and maintaining underground services with a minimum of surface and environmental disruption.”

We follow through on our mission by:
  • Making press releases to educate and inform
  • Arranging promotional activities
  • Advising on available solutions
  • Providing technical literature
  • Supporting research

Member Benefits

Individual Membership.


  • Name and address published on the SASTT website
  • Affiliated to the International Society for Trenchless Technology
  • Receive Trenchless International magazine
  • Receive the electronic SASTT News
  • Invited to all SASTT events.

Benefits of affiliation to the ISTT.


  • Receive Trenchless International magazine
  • Name and address published in the ISTT Directory and, for corporate members, free publicity through the Technical Resource Centre (TRC)
  • Reduced conference fees for ISTT conferences, such as the prestigious International No-Dig and No-Dig Live events.

Corporate Members.


  • Name and address published on the SASTT website
  • Affiliated to the International Society for Trenchless Technology
  • free international advertising on the ISTT’s Trenchless Resource Centre
  • Corporate members may add a secondary member to the ISTT membership rolls. The secondary member receives all the benefits of ISTT membership including member access to and downloads of the ISTT’s web-based publications (past No-Dig papers) and a copy of the ISTT official magazine – Trenchless International
  • Receive Trenchless International magazine. Additional copies are available by direct subscription
  • Receive the electronic SASTT News
  • Invited to all SASTT events
  • May display SASTT logo on letterheads and company stationary
  • Preferential booking for events
  • Five representatives may attend most SASTT events free of charge
  • Brief company particulars published free on the SASTT website if desired

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Trenchless Technology, A South African Context.

In the densely populated areas of Western Europe, the United States and East Asia, trenchless techniques are the accepted means of installing new and rehabilitating underground services.


With the rapid urbanisation of Southern Africa’s cities, there is a corresponding demand for services to meet the needs of the growing population. Traditional open trench methods of service installation are disruptive, potentially unsafe and costly to the public. In addition, there is the potential for damage and disruption of existing services.


This approach can be tolerated in the affluent residential suburbs which have wide sidewalks and large gardens. However, in the high density developing urban areas, houses are frequently built before services are installed. There are no sidewalks and the stands are too small to allow for trenching. The only place where trenches can be dug is down the narrow streets. This in itself will cause severe disruption and inconvenience as properties will become inaccessible by vehicles.

Likewise, the industrial and downtown business areas cannot tolerate open trenches. The existing underground services which frequently are unmapped, further aggravate the situation.


Trenchless techniques can significantly reduce these frustrations. Although the use of most of these techniques in Southern Africa is not extensive, the know-how is available.


SASTT is a learned society with members from all fields of trenchless activity. With the needs of our urban society in mind, TT is actively promoted via:


  • Regular site visits and seminars
  • Providing information and technical support on TT to interested parties.


SASTT membership includes utility providers, consultants, contractors, equipment suppliers and material suppliers. Hence, the organisation is able to advise those interested in the full spectrum of information about TT.

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